Short Stories


Individual short stories or anthologies I have written or am working on. Does that make sense? Anything longer than flash-fiction and shorter than a novel will be featured here.

Moon Rise

Moon RiseWhat do you do when you wake up to find that you may have inadvertently caused the destruction of Earth?

Eden Hake is a "rookie" technician on a lunar colony and the designer of Lux+, a "faster than light" travel system which she soon finds out has been used in an attempt to wipe out the remnants of life on Earth.
With only a small team of her fellow technicians to help her try to save the lives of Earth's last inhabitants, Eden must try to prove that she's not responsible for their downfall, and somehow contact the Residence — Earth's First Family.

Crappy Christmas

Crappy ChristmasSometimes it takes a huge change in your life to realise that Christmas isn't really all that different to the rest of the year.
Unreliable people are still unreliable, the only change is that they're unreliable in a silly jumper and a Santa hat.

Carrie's life is going down the toilet, but she has no idea what she's letting herself in for when her husband suggests taking in a lodger to supplement their income. Add to that a silly crush on her boss, and Carrie soon finds that she's headed for the ultimate Crappy Christmas.

Little Lady Lost


When a retired personal bodyguard is dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for one last op, she can\'t wait to be back in the thick. Her new family life isn\'t all it\'s cracked up to be, and she\'s missed the thrill of her former job.

The daughter of her former employer, her own former protectee, has been kidnapped and people have died trying to get her back. Will Laurie be the one who gets her home alive? Will it all end in disaster? In order to answer these questions, Laurie must first make sense of the moments that led to this eventuality, and confront her own past to uncover the truth.

Of Gods and Men

Of Gods and MenTamara Haley has always been alone, and has always been happy with her life of solitude, but now she has a new man in her life. There's just one problem - he's immortal.
When you've been in therapy your whole life, how do you tell your therapist that your new boyfriend's an immortal without ending up on a psychiatric ward? And how do you deal with your boyfriend's father, the chief god himself, who wants to split you up?

Love in the Wrong Places

Love in the Wrong PlacesUnderstandably, Stevie Christmas wasn't prepared to find her sister's body in a hotel bath on the night that they had planned to go out to see her favourite band playing live, nor did she expect to find the body alongside her sister's ex-boyfriend.

What happened next was something that she would never forget, and something that would change both of their lives in ways that neither of them could possibly imagine.

First Came Man

First Came Man

Things have always been quiet and dull on Segesta, the fourth and smallest moon orbiting the planet Seia, but all that is about to change.

When Tasha McCabe sees a sudden flash of gold and flame while out running, she has no idea that she is about to stumble onto a secret that the moon has held for fourteen years.

She finds herself torn between revealing the secret for the good of those involved, or keeping it and having a normal life - a choice that could have disastrous consequences either way.

The Ghost of Hope

The Ghoost of HopeBeing involved in a car accident in the snow is one thing, but knowing who caused it is another thing entirely. So when Samantha Hope finds herself in exactly that situation, she has a hard decision to make: Does she stay and help the driver of the other car, or does she turn and leave? Would you risk your life to save the life of someone who doesn't deserve to be saved?

Black Cotton

Black CottonHenna falls in love with the idea of a new life in a new country, but also with the handsome overseer of the plantation. But she's an outsider in more ways than one, and she struggles to fit into her new life, just as she always has.
When she discovers that her new love interest was accused of murder long before she ever got to America, it doesn't sound to her like the man she is falling in love with. She is determined to find out the truth, and to find acceptance as a mixed-race woman in love with a white man, in a town that still struggles with racial issues.

YOLO and Other Stories

Want to read all of the stories above without having to pay for them all individually? Get this. It includes all of my previous short stories (apart from those in Ashes and Lavender) plus the exclusive short YOLO.


It's the heist of a lifetime, and Bella Smith is enjoying every minute of it. That is, until she trips over something in a darkened restroom, and wakes up to find that the building is on fire...

Ashes and Lavender

Ashes and Lavender
ASHES AND LAVENDER is a trilogy of moderately interconnected short stories, loosely inspired by fairytales, but these are definitely not the sort of fairytales you would tell your children.
These alienated fairytale heroines all know that there's more to life than fluttering your eyelashes and wearing pretty dresses if you want to get your happily ever after.