Writing prompts: Write your own!

Writing Prompts

I found myself today, searching yet again for writing prompts, because I was stuck installing 119 updates on my new laptop, and having to reboot the damned thing every ten or fifteen minutes means there hasn’t been a great deal of writing going on.

I don’t tend to use predefined prompts myself, as I write my own, which I’ll come to later, but since I was going to write this post about writing prompts, I figured I should check out what’s available at the moment.

The problem with googling writing prompts is that you invariably end up on  Creative Writing Prompts. Which is OK – they’re great prompts. And if you want to write something every day, then they’ll get you from January 1st to December 12th (or December 11th if it’s a leap year). So you decide to have the last three weeks of the year and start again on January 1st and you go back to the website, only to find that the website hasn’t been updated since 2011. Continue reading “Writing prompts: Write your own!”

Word Count: How long is too long?

Word count; still too low!

Last night I was searching for articles about chapter length, and I came across this post about the subject (and word counts) by AJ Humpage.

She goes to great lengths to tell us, the readers of her article, that we are writing too many words and that we should pare them back. How many words is too many, according to AJ Humpage? Anything over 100,000. 100,000!

Now I don’t know her, but it does seem that she has decided that many of the classics of English literature are too long for our feeble readers’ minds to cope with. This may be because she has a history in publishing – more on that later. Continue reading “Word Count: How long is too long?”

It’s Not November: Onto another project

NaNoWriMo Word Count Calendar - But it's not November

This is why I don’t plan novels. I really want to write my NaNoWriMo novel now, and it’s not November, so I can’t.

On the plus side, I have several story plans that have rattled around in my head for just as long, so I’m not short of something to write. And I said in my last post that I’d add info on my planned (yes, planned) NaNoWriMo novel, which is did and it’s over here. Continue reading “It’s Not November: Onto another project”