Coffee and Ink: The Rebirth

While looking for a different file a few days ago, I found a pdf of one of my earliest NaNoWriMo novels, Coffee and Ink (from 2008), and I’ve decided to give it a bit of a dust off, while listening to The Hands Of Man on repeat! I swear I’ve listened to that album about a dozen or so times today.

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve stripped out, because I don’t think it really added to the narrative. Mostly really awkwardly written sex scenes.

I’ve also cleaned up the typos and the sloppy punctuation – from the time I started writing to the last full stop was 262.5 real hours, so probably about 80 hours writing, and with it being a NaNoWriMo novel it was written at speed, so there was little time to go back and edit it. Basically I’ve taken it down from about 62k to 46k, so in its edited form it doesn’t qualify as a NaNoWriMo winning novel, but it’s a lot less full of crap than it was before.

And no, not all the 16k I stripped out was sex scenes!

Basically, I’ve got it cleaned up to the point that I’m comfortable with unleashing it on the world. If you read my post on writing believable characters, this is the novel I was talking about. Having read the novel several times again over the last few days, I’ve decided that Ben isn’t the man I thought he was, but I have fallen for another of the characters.

Jodie Maine: Coffee and Ink

When I first wrote it, I’d intended for Coffee and Ink to be the first of a series of novellas about the MC, Jodie Maine, and so I put her name in the title. While I still see scope for another novella at least (which you’ll understand if you ever read Coffee and Ink), I can’t see it being a long term thing, so I’ve cut her name from the title.

I’ve uploaded the requisite files to CreateSpace and I’m currently formatting the interior for Kindle, so with any luck it’ll be available really soon.

Still working out how to create an iBooks version without a Mac. I have a 2001 iMac, but it’s running Tiger, so I doubt I’d be able to find a version of iBooks Author that works on it. I think it’s going to end up being a VM job, unless I can find someone local who has a newer Mac than mine.

Anyway, I’ll be adding its own page in due course, and hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s available for purchase! And none of this is just me procrastinating to avoid writing what I should be, of course!

Warm thoughts and positive energy,

x Rebecca

My MC is My ♥: Make Your Characters Real

Make Your Characters Real

When I first competed in  NaNoWriMo way back in the mists of time (OK, so about 2007/8) I got halfway through November and realized that something strange had happened. At some point in the previous week1, I had fallen in love with my MC. Actually, that’s not strictly true – I fell in love with my MC’s love interest. He was a dashing history teacher that she’d had a crush on since she was in school, and who she’d met again in a pub several years later and with whom she was now getting jiggy on a semi-regular basis. Continue reading “My MC is My ♥: Make Your Characters Real”

An impossible choice (and site updates)

An Impossible Choice

I’m full of cold, but the Windows updates on my laptop finally finished after almost two days, and I’ve been able to do some writing and some site updates ( more later), so despite having no energy to do pretty much anything I’m a happy camper!

Sadly, Amazon decided to put a damper on my day by releasing the CD version of Chris de Burgh’s latest album three days later than the download version, which I only found out a couple of hours ago. Continue reading “An impossible choice (and site updates)”