Coffee and Ink

Jodie Maine is just an ordinary girl trying to make it as an author when she unexpectedly finds herself on a date with her high school history teacher. No longer teaching, he is now in a band and wastes no time in introducing Jodie to his bandmates.

In almost no time, her humdrum life becomes a tangle of love and loss, friends, family and a roller-coaster of emotion. Join Jodie in a tale of old friends, new friends, relationships, music, literature and an awful lot of coffee.

No Tears

When Scarlett Haye asks her doctor to ensure that her baby never has to suffer the pain and sorrow she has gone through herself, she thinks she's just doing what's best for her child. Fast forward sixteen years, and her daughter's bright happy world starts to fall apart. But how does someone who can't express sadness cope with their grief?

Inspired by the heartache that followed the loss of a friend, "No Tears" questions how far a mother would go to protect her child from the pain and torment that comes with the human condition, and whether the best of intentions are that, or if they are just self-serving.