Presidents v Trump – Inauguration Day, 2017

Presidents v Trump

Well, it’s finally happened. The USA have decided to completely lose their shit and elect a man “egregiously unqualified” to be their president – the great presidents of the past must be turning over in their graves (the dead ones, anyway). The horror! What has America done?

Of course, I’m kidding. There’s nothing to stop a man who has never had any training in law or politics from being elected president. So as it’s Trump’s inauguration today, I thought it would be interesting to look into the background of some of The United States’ former presidents to see how they stack up to the new one.

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PostRef: It’s Not Us vs Them

They shouldn’t have tried to scare us. It is a sign of how little the Remainers understand or know about Britain, and above all about England, that they thought that would work.

I do sometimes wonder if these odd denatured shiny types, who actively prefer foreign rule to their own, ever visit their own country. Confined to glossy multicultural London neighbourhoods for most of the year, they then hurry abroad.

Most of them are more familiar with Florence or Barcelona than they are with the equal glory of Lincoln Cathedral, whose history, beauties and significance are alike unknown to them.

Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday, June 26th

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Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest

Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest

Who’d have thought that with only ten or so minutes before the deadline for nominations that Boris Johnson would announce he’s not running for Conservative leader, and thus Prime Minister?

Well, me as it happens. Twitter is awash with folks saying he screwed over the country for a job he no longer wants, but I don’t think he ever wanted it. I’m sure he was asked on Have I Got News For You? if he would consider it and said no, but I now can’t find the episode in question. Disturbingly, I think I may have dreamed it. Continue reading “Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest”