Britain > Hayley Bloomingdale

I don’t know if you’ve seen the list of “42 cultural quirks of Brits that Americans need to know before visiting London” that Hayley Bloomingdale wrote for Vogue. She claims to have gleaned this insight from living in London for ten months, and apparently it applies to the whole of Britain. Quote: In my short time here I have made the following observations and I can conclude that London is not Manhattan. In reading this one article, I have determined that Ms Bloomingdale is certifiable.  Continue reading “Britain > Hayley Bloomingdale”

Earthlock – Tuesday Time-waster

Haha - Frogboy!

The beginning of the month is a great time for gamers, because that’s when you get new freebies for your Xbox and Playstation. Yes, you have to pay for a subscription to get them, and you also get free games mid-month for Xbox, but hey, free’s free, even if you’re paying a subscription. Today’s haul on Playstation would have cost £76 any other month, and I only pay about £6 for my PS Plus subscription (I pay monthly because their quarterly subscription never seems to renew on my account). £6-ish for six games is close enough to free for me. Anyway, today’s PS Plus games aren’t my time-wasters. Not yet anyway – Journey is still downloading. Today’s time-waster is one of September’s freebies on Xbox: Earthlock. Continue reading “Earthlock – Tuesday Time-waster”