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In the interests of trying to keep this blog more up to date, I’m going to have a Tuesday Time-waster each week. Writers always need some way to unwind, and my way of unwinding is with some video games. Don’t worry, it won’t be all Minecraft and Pokemon GO! First up is Slime Rancher. I bought it for my daughter back in March, but have recently found myself playing it to relax.

Slime Rancher Logo

So, what is Slime Rancher?

According to the developers, Monomi Park:

Slime Rancher is the tale of Beatrix LeBeau, a plucky, young rancher who sets out for a life a thousand light years away from Earth on the ‘Far, Far Range’ where she tries her hand at making a living wrangling slimes. With a can-do attitude, plenty of grit, and her trusty vacpack, Beatrix attempts to stake a claim, amass a fortune, and avoid the continual peril that looms from the rolling, jiggling avalanche of slimes around every corner.

And that’s about it. You wander around, hoovering up slimes with your vacpack and corral them. You feed them with various fruits, veggies and chickens you find around the world. As a result of your vacuuming and feeding, you make money by selling their, uh, leavings.

You sell their leavings?

Yes, you read that right, you make money selling the slimes’ poop!

But it’s not all that bad, because their poops (aka. plorts) are actually gems, and some of them are pretty valuable! The game even goes as far as having variable Plort Market exchange rate. Therefore, you never know how much a plort is going to sell for on a given in-game day.

Plorts and Slimes
L-R: Pink, Phosphor, Rock, Tabby, Honey, Boom, Puddle, Rad, Hunter, Gold

What else?


Phosphor Rad Largo
Phosphor Rad Largo

Largos are what happen if you feed a plort from one species of slime to another species of slime. It’s sort of a cross pollination technique that is essential if you want to make the big bucks. Feed a largo, and it will poop out plorts of both its parent species. For example, if you have a Phosphor Rad Largo, and feed it a fruit or veggie, it will poop a Phosphor and Rad plort. Phosphor plorts aren’t worth much, but still handy if you need a quick boost to your Newbucks balance. FYI Newbucks is the in-game currency.


Gordos are huge versions of regular slimes, and all they do is eat:

Just one more carrot, please!
Just one more carrot, please!
Oops! Too many!
Oops! Too many!

When you’ve fed them enough resources (around 65-70), they’ll look like they’re going to throw up. But fear not, Slime Rancher, because you aren’t about to end up covered in slime barf.

Feed them heartily, and they’ll reward you with slimes, resources and even Slime Keys. These Slime Keys can be used to open new zones, which in turn allow you to locate new slimes. If you want to get your hands on those irresistible Honey Plorts, you need to blow up some Gordos. Don’t feel sorry for them – it’s their wont in life to be fed until they explode.

Don’t get ahead of yourself with your pollination…

Be very careful whose plorts you feed to whom. If you let a largo get its face on a plort from an entirely different species, you get these guys:

“Tarrs are evil. Bad, bad Tarrs!” is something The Doctor has never said – but he might!

Tarrs are bad news. Really bad news. They will eat all slimes in the area, and try to kill you by biting your face off (or maybe that’s just me). When they’ve done that they’ll try to bounce off to the next area to find more slimes to feast on.

They hate water though, so blast them with water from your vacpack tank, or vacblast them into the Slime Sea.

Any last words of advice?

Yes. Here you go:

  • Breed largos early. In your first two corrals, you should put Pink Rock Largos and Pink Tabby Largos. Pink slimes can eat everything, so you can lob carrots and pogofruits in there and let them be. Just make sure you have at least the High Walls upgrade on the corrals. In a third corral, get the Solar Shield, High Walls and Air Net upgrades, and keep Pink Phosphor Largos.
  • Unlock the ranch expansion zones early too. You’ll get more plots for corrals and gardens, which means more money.
  • Keep your slime numbers low. You don’t need more than about 5-6 slimes per corral. If you want more, make sure you have the Music Box upgrade.
  • Keep some Boom Rad Largos. Yes, they’ll explode if you get too close, and they’ll give you radiation sickness if you hang around. However, they also poop out Boom and Rad plorts which are more valuable than most others.
  • Plort Collector upgrades are a must on corrals containing Rock, Rad and Boom slimes. You don’t want to be inside the corral collecting plorts around any of these guys.
  • Fill your Auto Feeders with your slimes’ favourite foods to get extra plorts (largos’ favourites are those of their source slimes):
    • Phosphor – Cuberries
    • Rock – Heart Beets
    • Tabby – Stony Hens
    • Honey – Mint Mangoes
    • Boom – Briar Hens
    • Rad – Oca Ocas
    • Hunter – Roostros
  • Keep your Honey Slimes and Honey Largos away from everything else. Honey plorts are like magnets to other slimes. Let your largos get too close to the Honey plorts and it will be Tarr City. But definitely have Honey Slimes. In addition to being cute, their poop usually sells for a mint.
  • Explore, explore, explore. Find the Gordos and unlock new zones, and keep playing. The game is still in development, so there’s always more to find. More zones, more fruits, more slimes – the best is yet to come! Possibly.

Sounds great, where do I get it?

Apparently it will be available on PS4 when it’s “release ready”. Steam have Early Access, Microsoft have Game Preview for Xbox, and sell games ‘in development’. Sony don’t have a system like that for the PS4, so Playstation people will have to wait.

In conclusion, if you want to play a game that is cute and crazy in equal measure, play Slime Rancher. Just not on the PS4… yet.

x Rebecca

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