EU Referendum: Why I’m Voting Remain

Referendum: EU v GB

On June 23rd, just four days from now, Britons all over the world will vote in the EU referendum. Well, with the exception of those who have lived abroad for more than 15 years, or those who have already voted by post, or of course those who just don’t want to vote.

There has been a lot of uncertainty on which way to vote, and even now there are people switching sides.  I’m not going to try to swing your vote either way, but this post contains my thoughts on why I’m voting to remain a part of the EU. Continue reading “EU Referendum: Why I’m Voting Remain”

Word Count (from Literary Rejections)

Word Count

The following was not written by me. It was previously published on Literary Rejections, and it’s one of my favourite word count resources. I don’t know if the Literary Rejections site will be coming back online (and if it does than I will happily remove this post if asked), but I know the information is valuable to a lot of new writers and those trying a new genre, so it’s worth the reiteration. What follows is just as it was on the Literary Rejections site, with only minor layout alterations. Continue reading “Word Count (from Literary Rejections)”