Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest

Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest

Who’d have thought that with only ten or so minutes before the deadline for nominations that Boris Johnson would announce he’s not running for Conservative leader, and thus Prime Minister?

Well, me as it happens. Twitter is awash with folks saying he screwed over the country for a job he no longer wants, but I don’t think he ever wanted it. I’m sure he was asked on Have I Got News For You? if he would consider it and said no, but I now can’t find the episode in question. Disturbingly, I think I may have dreamed it. Continue reading “Brexit Fallout: Conservative Leadership Contest”

I am disappointed

WT actual F, Britain? You disappoint me.

Britain, I’m disappointed in you. The world once admired for our inventiveness, our culture, our David Beckham…

Now the world stands back and stares in horror as we tell the foreigners living here that they can all go home because we no longer want them.

I wrote a long post yesterday (actually, it took from Friday to yesterday to write), in which I said what I thought we need to improve as a country. There was one notable omission, though, because there was no way I could write about it without a monumental word count. This is not aimed at all Britons, just the ones who have decided that they need to be overtly racist on the grounds that “we” voted to leave the EU.
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