Shorts ahoy (the website version)

Yes, you read that right, shorts ahoy!

In case you don't receive my newsletter (which is highly likely as there are only 22 subscribers at the time of writing this post — the widget's in the sidebar if you're interested ), you might not know that I've been on a bit of a short story bender. And who doesn't love random shorts?

I'm currently releasing a new short story every Tuesday, and because they're only available on Amazon, that means I get five days out of every ninety in which to "sell" them for free. (Is it really selling if it's free? I'm not sure, but they're free for five days, and whoever wants to nab a free book during that time can do so, so who am I to complain?)

Anyway, there are a few short stories already available, and more in the pipeline, so here goes:

Moon Rise
Released 15th Dec / Free 18th Jan - 22nd Jan
Crappy Christmas
Released 22nd Dec / Free 25th Jan - 29th Jan
Little Lady Lost
Released 29th Dec / Free 1st Feb - 5th Feb
Of Gods and Men
Released 5th Jan / Free 8th Feb - 12th Feb
Love in the Wrong Places
Released 12th Jan / Free 15th Feb - 19th Feb
First Came Man
Released 19th Jan / Free 22nd Feb - 26th Feb

Clicking on the covers will take you to the relevant Amazon page, where you can read the description and decide if it's worth your time.

The Ghost of Hope

The Ghost of HopeI looked through the shattered patchwork that had once been the windscreen of my twenty-year-old Mini Cooper, out over the snow to where the other car lay upside-down in a snowdrift.
I looked down at the analogue clock on the dash. Thank god for the small mercy of an analogue clock. It had been nine minutes since I heard the tyres screeching behind me, eight and a half since my own car miraculously landed right-side-up only a few metres from where it had started. It seemed like a lot less. How could it have been nine minutes? I fumbled at the seatbelt so that I could get out of the car, but it was refusing to budge, so I flipped open the glove box and took out the belt cutter. I’d bought it on a whim, just because it had been there in the shop, but now I was glad I had.

Being involved in a car accident in the snow is one thing, but knowing who caused it is another thing entirely. So when Samantha Hope finds herself in exactly that situation, she has a hard decision to make: Does she stay and help the driver of the other car, or does she turn and leave? Would you risk your life to save the life of someone who doesn't deserve to be saved?

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Yes, I'm really so completely mad that I would literally give you my shorts!

So to speak. And only for a limited time. But free's free, right?

I'll add the information for these and future releases to the Short Stories page when I have the time, but for now I have dinner to cook for my kids, and there are five of them, so that's a lot of food to cook!

Rebecca x


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