I can see for miles and miles

I was at Conisbrough Castle yesterday, having a fun day out with the kids which was supposed to be at RSPB Dearne Valley (we couldn’t find it).  You know what I found out? You can see 20 miles from the top of Conisbrough Castle! No word of a lie, you can see Emley Moor Transmitting Station from the keep, which is weird because I only just worked out what the Emley Moor Transmitting Station is, having seen it a few times on the way to Bradford, and it’s 20.125 miles away – I know, because I measured it on a map!

Anyway, it occurred to me that being a member of English Heritage might not be a bad idea, because now we can get into over 400 English Heritage sites for free, and my kids love history so it’s a great saving(s). We have Roche Abbey practically on our doorstep, Conisbrough about five miles away, Brodsworth Hall about 13 miles away, York and Lincoln within easy reach. Even London’s only three hours drive away and there’s a hell of a lot to see in London (I just have to resist the urge to moan all the time about being in London. I’m not a fan of our not-so-fair capital).

So, back to the purpose of this website, books, I bought a load of bookshelves in the last couple of weeks because I realised having books stacked in piles against the walls isn’t the best way to keep them. Since then I’ve bought more books, and now I need more bookshelves. Yes, I know, I should stop buying books. But would you tell a hungry person not to eat? I’m a writer, I have to read, it’s my lifeblood.

Several projects on the go, lots to do; starting a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing in October; wondering if I can claim EH membership as a business expense if I write a historical novel…

Oh, and for any writers out there who don’t own it already, buy Aeon Timeline. It’s the only software I’ve ever purchased on the first day of a trial period. It’s just that good!

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