CreateSpace… Argh!

Ashes and Lavender

CreateSpace, why do you torture me so?

So I’ve been beavering away on a trilogy of short stories, Ashes and Lavender, which is now available through half of my favourite distribution channels. Kobo and Nook take a while, so that’s not a problem.

CreateSpace on the other hand…

I don’t know what it is just lately, but CreateSpace¬†refuses to play nice. Every time I try to upload my manuscript as a doc file, the formatting screws up and I end up with the wrong headers on my pages after a break. If I use a PDF file, it decides that my paragraphs shouldn’t actually be where I put them and moves them around, throwing my page numbering out. The latest file I’ve uploaded intentionally has the wrong page numbers on the contents page in an attempt for them to be right once the file gets shoved through their processor. It’s doing my head in, I tells ya!

Ashes and Lavender

So, while working on a completely different project, I suddenly hit upon the idea of writing alternate versions of fairytales, simply because the kids versions are a little on the bland side – I know they’re supposed to provide some cautionary message about not wandering off in the woods or something, but they’re so boring!

Ashes and Lavender takes the generally pleasant tales of Cinderella, Snow White and Maid Maleen and adds some domestic abuse, violence, heartbreak, sex and camping. The end result is some fairytale heroines who go some pretty nasty stuff on the way to their happily ever afters.

It’s available now for Kindle, on Sellfy as an epub (if you buy it on Sellfy and would like a different format, let me know) and for download on NoiseTrade. Once they’ve processed, it’ll also be available on Nook and Kobo, and if it ever gets through the review process alive, it’ll be available as a 148 page paperback through Amazon and CreateSpace.

x Rebecca

ETA: Woke up this morning and the Kobo edition is available now! 10:45am 11/02/2015
ETA2: The book is now available on all formats – check out its page to find the links. Plus, enter to win one of five prize packs of the paperback plus a digital copy. 12:43pm 18/02/2015

Pronouncing Hermione

“This reminds me of reading Harry Potter as youngster. Having never moved in certain social circles, I had never encountered the name ‘Hermione’ before, and I presumed that it was a made up wizardy-style name, in the manner of Dumbledore etc. Thus in my mind she will forever be ‘Her-me-1’, and the actual pronunciation came as something as surprise when the films were made!”

cuccir – 11 Mar 2014

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