Six Degrees of DVDs

You’ve heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? It’s based on the concept that every person on Earth is connected to every other person on Earth through a maximum of six acquaintances. Well, in our house we choose DVDs based on a similar concept – a sort of Six Degrees of DVDs.

How does Six Degrees of DVDs work?

Almost without fail, every film that has been watched in our house over the last six years has been connected to the one that preceded it by an actor in both films. Obviously we end up with runs of films such as Harry Potter, Underworld, Resident Evil and Star Wars, but it’s usually an actor that connects the films.

Coincidentally, it’s rather odd to be watching The Last Leg on Channel 4 with special guest star Russell Crowe when the film we watched last night was Gladiator. Spooky! :|

Anyway, there’s no real reason for me to be writing this, but I thought it might interest people. It’s a good way of watching such completely disparate films as Gladiator and The King’s Speech (Derek Jacobi), Gone In Sixty Seconds and Madagascar 3 (Vinnie Jones) or Calender Girls and Star Wars (Celia Imrie).

So there you go. If you’re stuck for something to watch, just pick any other film in your collection starring any actor in the last film you watched. Six Degrees of DVDs – bringing order from chaos. Or probably not. It’s still fun, and often highly unpredictable, so it’s worth considering if you can’t decide what to watch.

Now I have to work out what to watch next, because we’ve already watched The Kings Speech (Derek Jacobi), Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) and Burke and Hare (David Schofield) recently. Maybe it should be Notting Hill (John Shrapnel) or we should just go ahead and watch Harry Potter (Richard Harris) again…

x Rebecca

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