Writing with my daughter

When I first started writing as a youngster, I never dreamed that I would one day be co-writing a book with my own daughter. It has come as quite a surprise to find myself writing with my daughter, who at almost almost ten years old is just as avid a reader and writer as myself (proud mum moment!)

Why am I writing with my daughter?

It’s one of those completely random accidents. About six months ago, we moved from a small village near the world’s largest British Army base, to a small mining town ninety or so miles away.

As you can expect, my children’s schooling is quite different down here – and in particular, my eldest daughter has been learning about the Maltby Mining Disaster of 1923, in which an explosion caused the deaths of 27 miners.

As it happens, while watching an episode of Pointless, the excellent film Dangerous Minds came up, and I was explaining why it’s such a great film. My daughter misheard the title of the film, and she thought I said Dangerous Mines.

Suddenly, she started rambling out an idea for a sci-fi story which starts with a team of treasure hunters in a diamond mine, and within half an hour, we had the first two chapters planned out.

So she’s coming up with the outline, and I’m going to be writing it into a proper fleshed out story, while simultaneously working on two other projects. I’m writing an insane amount every day, which is why I haven’t been updating this site lately. I just don’t have the time!

We don’t have a title for the book yet, it’s provisionally titled Dangerous Mines, just because of its origins. Depending on how the story pans out, that may well end up being the actual title!

Oh, and you may have noticed I’ve changed the theme for the site. I just figured it was time for a change, since the last major update of WP came with a new theme, and I fancied something a bit more minimalist and tidier.

So I’m writing with my daughetr, and my site looks better than it did before – I’m going to get back to it…

Rebecca x

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