Fiction Quick Prompts – YA Literary

As promised, here are some more fiction quick prompts, focussing on the Teen/Young Adult fiction and literary fiction genres.

Young Adult Fiction Quick Prompts

  1. At his/her first music concert, your protagonist must face a truth from their past.  It’s up to you if it is a person, place or action that triggers this realisation.
  2. Your protagonist is hanging out at a park and has a song stuck in their head. How do they deal with this? Is it annoying, or do they embrace it? Is it a popular song, or something that would be embarrassing if they started singing it in front of their friends?
  3. Waiting for a pizza in a quiet pizzeria, your protagonist gets chatting with the pizza chef, who seems to be hiding a secret. What is his/her story? What is s/he hiding?
  4. The school is running an election for student body president. Your protagonist is in the running and is eagerly awaiting the result. The polls have just closed, and a writer for the school paper pulls your protagonist aside. What happens next?
  5. Your protagonist is on an internet chatroom and is asked to tell a story about a time when they’ve been really embarrassed about something. Tell that story.

Literary Fiction Quick Prompts

  1. Your protagonist is in his/her last year at college and discovers s/he only has a few months to live. Write about those last few months. Who does she spend her time with? Does s/he have a bucket list? Any last regrets?
  2. Your protagonist is going home for the holidays after a highly eventful year. S/he knows there will be some heavy conversations with his/her parents. How does s/he deal with it?
  3. A relationship has gotten very serious for your protagonist, but s/he has a secret from her past that is preventing him/her from becoming intimate. What’s the secret, and how do the couple deal with it?

As you can probably see, I’ve chosen these two genres because there is potential for them to cross over. There’s no reason why a teen or young adult can’t be the focus of literary fiction, just as the more serious themes of literary fiction can play a role in Teen/YA fiction. I hope these new fiction quick prompts can help you in some way, and I’d love to read anything that comes from them.

x Rebecca

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