Quick Prompts – Crime and Sci-Fi

I’ve been terrible just lately when it comes to updates, so to make up for it, here are a few quick prompts focussing on crime, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy. Tomorrow there will be two new genres, I promise.

Crime/Thriller Quick Prompts

  1. During a heist, the thief stumbles quite literally on a dead body. Knowing what s/he does about the victim, how does the thief convince the police that not only s/he is not responsible, but can lead them to the real killer?
  2. TV footage shows a seemingly innocent, but an out-of-place gesture at a football/cricket/baseball/snooker/”insert sport of choice here” match. Exactly twenty-four hours later, bomb blasts cause devastation at four major landmarks. How do these incidents interconnect?
  3. A noted conspiracy theorist discovers that one of their theories is true. How does s/he convince everybody that s/he is not completely deluded?
  4. A female amateur detective in 1880s Whitechapel knows exactly how to capture Jack the Ripper, but nobody listens to her because she is a woman. Does she attempt to reason with the police officers investigating the case, or does she end up one of the Ripper’s victims?
  5. Climbers discover a body on the side of a mountain with no identification, and clothing that is completely unsuited to the terrain and time of year. How has the body ended up there?

Sci-fi/Fantasy Quick Prompts

  1. A child finds an old and ornate egg in a park in a large, busy city and decides to take it home. What does the child do with what is inside it once it hatches?
  2. A scientist creates a fully sentient robot, and the military come a-knocking. Does the scientist let them access his/her technology or tell them where to go and face the consequences?
  3. An eleven-year-old discovers that there is more to the world than they know, magic and mythical creatures exist and s/he is from a long line of sorcerers. While avoiding rewriting Harry Potter or another similar series, write a short story about his/her first experiences in this new world.
  4. Your protagonist awakens on a strange planet/in a strange place with only a small bag of provisions. What does s/he do to survive the first night here? What is in store tomorrow?
  5. A battle rages between a galactic empire and a small resistance group in a lonely corner of the galaxy. Is your protagonist part of the empire or the resistance? How does s/he contribute to the cause?

Feel free to use any of these quick prompts and link back to this post if you post a short story/flash fiction on your website. Attribution would be nice but is by no means necessary. These quick prompts are just to get your creative brain in gear.

x Rebecca

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