Too busy to blog! Eek!

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to write. It’s been a mad week, and it’s been hard fitting in the time to write, especially the last couple of days.

Why have I been too busy to blog?

Shopping – the bane of my existence. I hate shopping, especially with the kids, and Wednesday was no exception. Two days before Halloween, you’d think there would be plenty of costumes and stuff left in the supermarkets, but no. Because Asda took it upon themselves to start selling Halloween stuff six weeks ago, there was almost nothing left in. So the costumes the kids wanted had all sold out, and there was pretty much bugger all left.

My eldest got a costume she liked. The youngest triplet got a really cute costume that’s too big and I’m going to have to adjust for her. The eldest triplet’s really small, so despite being 8, she can still fit in a 4-5 years costume. Tiny man got a little skeleton onesie that matches the eldest’s costume and they look adorable together. The older boy (middle triplet) got a devil accessories pack because there was actually bugger all left for boys. He’s not chuffed, but he’s got to live with it.

It took an hour to get their costumes chosen, and we only had an hour and a half to do the shopping before their dad needed to go to work.

We finally got home – late – and I spent about half an hour putting the shopping away (a huge task when you have a family of seven to shop for), and the kids put on their costumes. The rest of the day I was too busy trying to keep them from attacking each other to write much, because it’s the holiday and they’re bored. I got 22 words past my target about two minutes before midnight.

Thursday was pumpkin day. Me and the eldest spent almost two hours gutting a pumpkin before I made pumpkin soup for tea (delicious) and she carved the pumpkin into a Cyclops (insanely cute – pictures to follow). Again, too busy to write much – only 18 words past by target by quarter to midnight.

So that’s why I’m sat here writing this at half past midnight. That and I’m watching  Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie.

Nighty night!

x Rebecca

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    1. Seriously? What does that have to do with anything? This blog post has nothing to do with weight loss. I’m not inclined to have your spam links cluttering up my comments. Your comment gets to stay, but your URL does not.

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