Bitesize networking for promotion

I’ve previously written on the use of social networking for promoting your newly released (or perhaps soon to be released) novel. And in that post I promised to write more on the use of ‘bitesize’ networks to promote your work.

Why choose bitesize networks?

If you don’t have a following, it can help to use these networks to get readers that might not have otherwise found your page. Here are some of the better ones.


Everybody has heard of Pinterest, or at least subconsciously know about it – it’s the one that’s caused a proliferation of little red ‘pin it’ buttons over the internet. And it’s a brilliant marketing tool. People pin things, and other people read those things. They can re-pin them, and the cycle continues. Re-pin other people’s pins and they might re-pin yours back.


Without a doubt,  StumbleUpon is one of the best ways of driving up your hit rate, although it does come at the cost of a high bounce rate. This comes from the fact that it’s totally random, and users do the internet equivalent of a Friday night pub crawl around the internet, stumbling from one internet pub to another with no clue what is coming next. This means that if they don’t like the look of the barmaid, they will stumble straight onto the next pub without so much as a courtesy pint.


Another ‘Look what I did!’ site akin to Pinterest,  Reddit provides a simple, text-based stream of interconnected pages, but it isn’t nearly as pretty as Pinterest, because you have to use your words. I don’t use this myself because I have no bloody clue how to add links to it, but I do use it to find other writing sites. It may be of use, if I can ever work out how to add things to it!

Once again, I hope this helps in some small way, and that you make the best use of bitesize networking!

x Rebecca

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