Autumn half term and writing

It’s the first day proper of the half term holiday today, which meant I’ve had children under foot all day, far too much cooking to do and not much time for doing what I want.

Why I thought that I’d have more time to write during the holiday, I will never know.

Autumn half term is the best!

I love the autumn half term holiday most out of all the three half term holidays we have here in the UK. It often contains Halloween, which I’m not that bothered about, but Halloween means pumpkins, and pumpkins means pumpkin pie and pumpkin lasagne, and carving jack-o-lanterns with the kids. Our shopping trip this Wednesday will include the purchase of at least two pumpkins, Halloween costumes and cinnamon. Can’t make pumpkin lasagne without cinnamon! I should probably buy some mince too, unless the kids want to go veggie for the night. They’re planning on going out trick-or-treating on Friday, which will be a new experience for them as they’ve not been able to go out the last few years, and before that they were too young, so hopefully the autumn winds will abate for a couple of hours so they can go and raid the candy coffers of our neighbours.

A busy day

With five kids it’s always a madhouse, but when they’re not at school, it’s crazy. The tiny one has a huge bump on his noggin and nobody knows why, while the eldest is only ever seen in small doses (her new best friend lives just around the corner, so she’s out a lot at the moment), and she has a habit of leaving the front door open and letting that beautiful autumn chill into the house.

Sadly, with four or five children in the house, it’s a case of “mum, can you get us food?”, “mum, can you get us juice?” “mum, can you cook us tea?”, “mum, what are you writing?”, “mum, can I go on the computer?”, and it’s all the time!

It’s a very good job I got in over a thousand words before going to sleep last night, or I wouldn’t have managed to hit my target. 2,429 words today, yay!

Happy writing!

x Rebecca

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