Social exposure for your published work

We aren’t all published by big publishing houses – it’s a sad but true fact. And if we’re self-publishing, it usually means that there isn’t money enough to fund a marketing campaign for our new book.

Luckily, we also don’t live in an age where publishing houses were the last word in publishing, and we can now gain social exposure on a wider scale than ever before.

What is social exposure?

Social exposure is a means of marketing your product to the masses without all of that ‘mucking about with marketing’ nonsense. Time was, we’d just show a copy of a new book to our friends and they would go out and buy it (or not), but in the digital age we have the opportunity to create this ‘word of mouth’ anywhere, any time.


With over a billion users active each month, Facebook is far and away the most logical option if you want social exposure… or is it? You can create a page for your ‘brand’ (that would be you), but without advertising revenue, you’re likely to find that it’s dead in the water. You still need other was of driving people to your page:


Simple, stylish and succinct, Twitter gives you the opportunity to make witty and insightful remarks, as long as you do it in 140 characters. With over a quarter of a billion users, it’s well worth considering if you don’t already have an account. You can have Facebook auto post to Twitter, which will hopefully drive people to your Facebook page.

Empire Avenue

The stock market of social exposure, Empire Avenue lets you grow your ‘brand’ by allowing people to buy shares in it. Not for real money of course, but it’s fun to see how highly you’re valued by market. You can create ‘missions’ to drive traffic to a webpage or tweet, and there are communities for all kinds of topics. You add your social network pages to your EA page when you sign up, and your interaction is ranked and applied to your share value, so the more social you are, the better it is for you!


A new kid on the block, Tsū shares its advertising revenues with its users. Why? Because its users create and share the content, which brings in the advertisers, which gets the clicks, which Tsū then shares with its users. It’s one of those ‘circle of life’ things… but with advertising revenue! You can friend or follow people, just as you can on Facebook, but when was the last time Facebook paid you to post content? You can link to web pages, auto post to Facebook and Twitter, and invite your friends/followers from both of those networks and Instagram.

Hopefully some of these networks will be helpful to you. StumbleUpon, Pinterest and so on can also be used to connect people to your blog, but as they aren’t so much about actual networking, I’ll leave them for another day.

x Rebecca

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  1. Interesting information. I didn’t know about tsu, so it’s an interesting one to look into. I’d heard of Emoire Avenue but never knew what it was about. I’ll have to look at that one too! Thanx ☼

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