It’s Not November: Onto another project

This is why I don’t plan novels. I really want to write my NaNoWriMo novel now, and it’s not November, so I can’t.

On the plus side, I have several story plans that have rattled around in my head for just as long, so I’m not short of something to write. And I said in my last post that I’d add info on my planned (yes, planned) NaNoWriMo novel, which is did and it’s over here.

So what’s new?

Obviously it’s a mad idea to give all the info on the new work in progress in a blog post, so I’ll just give a quick splodge of information here and add more on its own page.

Basically, Sera is the daughter of a police chief, she gets kidnapped and her dad is forced to watch all sorts of sickening things being done to her, streamed over the internet. Sera knows her captor, as does her boyfriend, and the race is on to find her before something really disastrous happens (as if it’s not bad enough to be kidnapped and horribly abused by somebody you know and trust).

But nothing’s ever truly what it seems, and this case is no exception. Can they find Sera and her captor? Is there something bigger and more sinister going on? Who is really to blame, and how will Sera’s dad live with what he’s seen happen to his little girl.

More tech nightmares…

So the laptop I needed fixing didn’t get picked up, so I decided to go out on a limb and order a new one, which I should be happily typing on at some point in the next 18 hours. Only when I ordered it, it seems to have processed my order twice. Once at 00:31:44 and once at 00:41:44 – yes, I was ordering after midnight, but I’m not so stupid as to order twice, and even if I did, what are the odds that I’d order the second one exactly ten minutes after the first? The man of the house needs a new laptop anyway, so I guess he can have the second one. I hope he likes purple! This
is what I’ve decided on, not that I’m in any way saying that it’s them that have made the last two weeks a major headache.

Anyway, I’m full of cold and my anger’s probably misplaced, I need sleep, and wish I didn’t let the kids sign up for after school clubs on different days because walking two miles every afternoon isn’t helping me recover from the lurgy.

Off to dream of chocolate…

X Rebecca

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