About Rebecca Hillary

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My family always nurtured my love of literature and my birthdays were always full of notepads and stationary as well as endless mountains of books.

I was first published at about six years of age when an acquaintance of my mother’s arranged for a poem I had written to be published in a local newsletter. The newsletter only had a readership in a couple of villages, so it wasn’t a huge distribution, but it was certainly a start!

Since then I have never stopped writing, and have been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2007. I have yet to fail the challenge of feverishly writing until my arms fall off in an attempt to hit 50k by November 30th!

As you can imagine, my house is full of books – something my five children are greatly contributing to as they love books almost as much as me. DVDs are also popular. We have several archive boxes full of DVDs and it’s tremendous fun to find some random follow-ons simply by picking an actor in the film we last watched and picking a random film they also appear in from the with selection available. How else could you follow The Fisher King with Godzilla?

About Knit In Chocolate

Knit In Chocolate is a quasi-pseudonym I use in various places online, which mostly came about because I already had the @rebeccahillary name on Twitter for my personal account and needed a new handle for my writing. As you can see, my website title is “In my dreams I knit in chocolate” (I actually do – I’m a very abstract person!), but it was too long to use as a Twitter handle, so I shortened it to Knit In Chocolate. It’s short, it’s memorable (to me anyway), and it means I have something other than my name to put in forms which demand a company name!