I did a thing

I did a thing… :)

I’m working, honest!

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren Groff posted the following on Twitter:

Lauren Groff on what writing a book actually involves

I’m not going to lie, this is pretty much me. I sit and make charts of word count targets and things while I’m thinking of something to write, eating into my writing time, which is reflected in the charts which show how unproductive I’ve been.

But then there are the days when things just go a bit tonto, and while making charts and being distracted, I browse the photoshop battles subreddit.

The latest image I saw was the one shown to the right (below on mobile):

White Orchid Mantis holding two flies
White Orchid Mantis holding two flies

Now, during the Covid lockdown, my kids and I have watched Supernatural. None of us had seen it before, except for me seeing maybe an episode or two back when it first came out. But now we’re all slightly obsessed, which means Michael sending me gifs like this:

Dean and Castiel, according to Tumblr ... kissy kissy
SPN Tumblr wants what it wants!

I think you can see where this is going …

White Orchid Mantis (Tumblr) making two flies (Dean and Castiel) kiss
White Orchid Mantis (Tumblr) making two flies (Dean and Castiel) kiss

… I can see you, judging me. I’m working, ok? This is work. 🙂

Till the next time,

RJ x

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