So, I found this thing I made when Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was about to come out.

I legit still have my original walkthrough guide. It’s the first walkthrough guide I ever bought for any game, making it the first game I spoiled for myself by reading ahead.

I didn’t need it for myself when Zodiac Age came out – I think there’s a sort of muscle memory type thing going on when I replay old games – but it comes in handy when my kids are playing it. For some reason, if someone else is playing the game, I can’t remember what they’re supposed to do.

And yes, it’s another game with Nolan North. I think it’s the earliest game he did a voice in that I bought when out came out (if that makes sense). That was a little under a year after my triplets were born. My oldest, Kayleigh, used to sit on my knee while I played it. This is what I was saying in my last post; his voice is everywhere. They’ve grown up in a world where they hear Nolan North in something like every third video game we own.

And it wasn’t planned, either. At least, not until recently, anyway. Now I just go through the Game Pass selection and download random games without telling them who does the voices. It’s fun to watch them realise whose voice they’re hearing (again). It really is the little things that make life enjoyable.

Anyway, this isn’t getting any work done, so I’m going to shut up now.



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