Site Update

Another Year, Another Reset

Once again, I have had to reset this website due to issues with updates, errors in the database, and generally not having posted anything in a while. I suppose if I posted more often, I would realise the issues are occurring before they fuck up the site. But I don’t, because I’m an idiot.

Anyway, since I last posted anything, which obviously is no longer here, I’ve passed two more modules on my English Literature and Creative Writing course and am currently studying my fourth. Last summer I was planning to take a year off, and do nothing but write for the year, especially after the last module I did. Considering it was the first of the two creative writing modules, and that’s the whole reason for me doing the course, I felt really deflated. The module requires you to write reflective commentaries along with every piece of work you do, and it did my head in. And I don’t think it’s fair for a tutor to mark you down for a piece of writing just because they don’t understand the context. So after this module I’m seriously considering taking a break, because I’m not getting the time to write anything for me. It’s all course work, and fitting that in around home commitments is getting harder all the time.

But I’m slogging on as best I can. I’ve been trying out new software for writing, and I’ll post some reviews of what I like and what I don’t like, or whatever, when I find the time.